These courses are less "elective" and more hands on career training with the purpose of preparing staffers for life after high school. 

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Journalism I

This introductory course provides first-year students with a great opportunity to develop foundational communication and technical skills necessary for working on the publication teams. Emphasis is placed on journalistic writing, intro to design (using the industry standard Adobe InDesign software), time management, organization, teamwork and leadership. Students will be immersed in current events and real world issues and encouraged to both develop and communicate their perspective and worldview. Students will also have the opportunity to write for the school newspaper, The Beeline, giving students the opportunity to be published writers even as first year staffers.

Journalism II

This course picks up where journalism I leaves off. Emphasis is placed on leadership, and expanding the scope and quality of content produced. Students, who serve as editors for the paper, will have the opportunity to lead and mentor a team, develop leadership skills and have more responsibility and ownership of the production and distribution of the paper. Students continue to learn and practice journalistic skills as they write, edit, design, and improve the publication. The course will help to prepare interested students for college-level journalism classes and a vast number of career fields. 

Lilly Summy  
Editor In Chief

Jodie Hall
Managing Editor

Logan Dail
Team Editor

Caitlin Hall
Team Editor








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