One of our class goals

is learning to operate our publications as a break-even business within the structure of our school setting. The student staff generates revenue by providing area businesses opportunities to reach our school community through the pages of its only permanent publication. We strive to reduce the cost-per-student through revenues generated from generous corporate citizens.

Last year’s staff brought home a gold crown from New York City. This award given by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, ranks Brookville Publications as one of the top 13 student publication programs in the country. We can only continue striving for this high standard of excellence with a strong foundation of community support.


- TO SPONSOR our program, click the image below to download the form. Fill this out and return by any of the following convenient options:


>> A ) Mail the form to 100 Laxton Rd. Lynchburg, VA 24502.

>> B ) Fax the form to (434) 239-6706.

>> C ) Email the form to


>> D ) Hand this form to the Brookville Publications student staffer nearest you.