One of the perks of being a student staffer of Brookville Publications is the chance to travel to New York City every March to attend Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s annual convention. Held at Columbia University, student delegates will attend classes focused on photography, writing, design and marketing. Often conducted in workshop format, these sessions provide the publications team with many opportunities to interact with journalism programs from across the country and prepare for next year. A hands-on group activity; an age-appropriate Broadway show; a fine-dining experience; and walking, shopping and eating at different Manhattan locations always round out the trip’s cultural and educational experience.

Conference delegates must:

  • Commit to being on a staff the following year. This investment of time is vital for team building and leadership development.

  • Represent both the program and the community in a professional manner. 

  • Maintain a clean behavioral record

  • Earn a cumulative A/B average in their publications course at the time of the trip