Yearbooks, newspapers and broadcasts

are great and all, but the whole point of being part of a staff is to prepare you for life. Publications offer an experience like none other offered in a public school setting. Virginia High School League (VHSL) goes so far to say: 

“Work on a student publication should be one of the most challenging academic experiences a high school provides. Students not only learn to write for a real audience from original research, they receive training in editing, layout and design, photography, computer skills and business management. Beyond that, personal growth is achieved in responsibility, dependability, leadership, teamwork and ethical decision making.”
— VHSL handbook


There's even research -

Studies have shown that students who participate in high school journalism (yearbook, newspaper, broadcast, literary-art mag) get better grades, score higher on tests and are more prepared for college than their peers. 

Don't take our word for it. Check the facts to see if being part of B Pubs could help you reach your academic and career goals.